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Welcome to the start of a project that has been in the works for several months. We are Akilavue. We have started an Indiegogo campaign to help us complete our debut album so we can get our music to the masses. Please take a minute to watch the video on our Indiegogo page and feel free to throw a donation our way. We are very excited about what the future holds and we hope you will join us on this journey. Thanks again and we’ll see you soon.


The Story

Akilavue (pronounced “A-Killer-View”)

Hailing from Hilton Head, South Carolina, Akilavue is comprised of a group of musicians that found a common musical thread amidst their very different experiences and backgrounds. With a raw, in-your-face, rock sound, the band displays an energy and drive that can only come from the melding of the unique backgrounds of it’s individual members. From the Southern-styled rock background of guitarist, Sonny Bond, to the seasoned jazz experience of Davey Masteller, the thundering metal influence of drummer, Doug McCarthy, and the raw powerful vocals of Doug Marshall, Akilavue is sure to strike a chord with music-lovers of all varieties.

Davey Masteller - Bass

Davey Masteller


Doug Marshall - Lead Vocals

Doug Marshall

Lead Vocals

Sonny Bond - Guitars

Sonny Bond


Doug McCarthy - Drums

Doug McCarthy


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